The Bloated Corpse

The Bloated Corpse is a cargo ship that looks like it should have sunk ages ago. It is riddled with holes, has a faint smell of mold and decay, and, while inside, you can always faintly hear the scraping of rodent claws on wood, although you never actually catch a glimpse of any rodents. The ship’s hold has been retrofitted into a tavern. There are a dozen round tables situated around the main area of the hold, which have been nailed in place. The tables have six stools situated around each, and tethered to the table for security. The hold is lit with torches that give off just enough light to dimly illuminate the room, but no heat nor smoke.

The Bloated Corpse is known throughout Flotsam as the perfect place to conduct discreet business without fear of being overheard. This reputation is earned from the enchantments that line the hull of the ship. Once you descend the stairs into the hold of the ship, the general noise of Flotsam disappears. The only sounds you can hear are the waves sloshing against the hull of the ship and the faint scurrying sounds of rats. You can see a number of groups having lively looking conversations through the gloom, but you cannot hear a word. In fact, when you speak, only those that you are intending to hear you can. and, as long as they are in the hold of the ship, they can hear you perfectly, as if you where whispering in their ear.

No one knows who actually owns The Bloated Corpse, but everyone is sure it is a wizard of some kind. This is evident because all food and drinks served in the tavern are prepared and served by unseen servants. To enter the Main hold, you must insert 5 GP into a box by the door before it will open. Only the person who has paid may enter, all others find the way barred by a giant floating hand.

There are also private dining rooms available, below the main hold, for especially paranoid patrons. These are richly appointed with lush carpets, interesting tapestries, and silver place settings. The food served in these rooms is also better quality than the fare served to the main room. These private rooms cost 20 gp per hour to occupy.

Services available:

Entry 5 gp
Common Meal 2 gp
Cheap Drink 5 sp
Strong Drink 1 gp
Private Room 20 gp per hour
Good Meal (only available in Private Rooms) 3 gp

The Bloated Corpse

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